Me(Salgod) Ranting bout stuff whilst mostly gaming related other issues will be addressed
Published on June 21, 2009 By Salgod In PC Gaming

Well I had my first experience with a net cafe today. My first thoughts.... It smells like piss and smoke... my second thought wow it is dark in here... Then I remembered what sort of place this was, it was clearly trying to mimic the environment of most serious gamers. Now I went with a couple of mates both had been to this particular net cafe once before.

We sat down proceded to play 3 different game before we settled into some Quake 3 arena for awhile my friends quickly became sick of this and threatened to insert sharp objects in places where I definitely would not like them... like my spleen.

Next up was Counterstrike now none of us had played any counterstrike game ever except for a brief stretch way back when the school admin was failing at his job. Now after playing quake and going on to play Counterstrike with no idea of strategy meant we spent the first 10 or so rounds getting dominated before we thought running in might not be the best strategy. Then we started winning... then CS got alot less fun.... turns out losing and shouting abuse at your team mates is more fun then the game itself

It was about this stage I noticed the guy next to me was playing some sorta cricket flash game on the fox website... who the fuck goes to a net cafe to play a flash game?... I then noticed that aside from the asian guy in the corner and the guy playing flash cricket next to me that me and my friends were the only guys in the place over the age of 13.. Is this typical of net cafe or what? so anyway...

Demigod... is awesome.... (particularlly when you are better then your friends at it and they get jealous coz you have like 10 times their kills although when they have like 2 this is not hard...) On that topic am I the only one who enjoys being well and truly better then your friends at gaming? I mean is there any greater joy in life?



Doug's Life

Now Salgod is my gaming alias so yeah... Doug is my real name and to sorta increase the seperation between gaming shit and my life shit I decided to sorta have to entries to my blogs I suppose this will pretty much be "What I did on the weekend" with a few choice extras.


Now at this moment I am kind feeling a bit down the main cause of this is my girlfriend dumped me... The main thing that bugs m about this is I cannot rationalise it her reason being that "I just don't like you in that way anymore" now whilst it very well could be for some other reason... I can't understand what this could be, I mean I am not sayin I am the perfect person how could someone ever stop loving me but I haven't changed in the 2 months or so we have been dating... So.. why?

In wake of this one of her close friends it seems has decided she likes me at this moment I do not really want to enter another relationship particular not with one of my ex's friends despite the fact we(me and my ex) are still good friends.... Now I do not really wanan turn down this chick that likes me as... well she is not bad looking at some later time I would mind hooking up with her or god forbid even going out with her but nore do I want to go out with or do anythign with her atm dso the question is... What do I do? If she were a more subtle person it would be easy to jsut pretend to remain clueless... But judging by what a few mutual friends have said to me she has told them she likes me... and it is a bit hard to ignore someone making pains to tell you what they enjoy doing and when they are free... Advise

-Signed Doug


on Jun 21, 2009

Yes, it is really wicked awesome to dominate others, second GET A LIFE and use normal font (seriously, hard to believe you are actually above 13, when using Comic Sans...).

on Jun 22, 2009

Yep Net cafe's are often full of pre16's. Mainly because their parents do not have/are hogging/don't want to share their internetz with their kids, so the kids take their lunch money instead and go to an internet cafe, this is how nerds are born.

Anyway, my friends are super-competitive, so whenever we game, we end up pushing ourselves and improving a lot. You wouldnt believe how insanely good at certain games we were due to competing against each other. However, as we get older other commitments take presidence


As for the gf issue, i'm guessing you're pretty young. Girls come and go, get over it and date someone else. Also ALL(100% absolutely NO exceptions) women are crazy, and will definately see things completely differently than you. Roll with it, and stop QQing over a girl you dated for 2months.

on Jun 22, 2009

It's not necessary your fault that your ex dumped you. It takes a while for the girl to work out if she really liked you in the first place. It's not that she was deeply in love at heart and suddenly discovered that she doesn't like you anymore. It doesn't work like that.

on Jun 22, 2009

so the kids take their lunch money instead and go to an internet cafe, this is how nerds are born.

ROFL. +1